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Starting a new year by tying the knot in Hoboken. A few steps outside the hotel is a majestic Manhattan skyline, perfect for a sunset photo session with closest family, friends and Caroline’s love of her life named RJ.

We might have no parking space but thanks to our bride and groom who generously provide us a ride going back and forth to our car in the hotel. How about that?


Morgan and bryan

VW - “Voyage Wedding” it’s not from Germany but only from these couple’s hearts all set for their journey as husband and wife. Their bliss was held some place in Oxford, New Jersey.

Love is in the BUS, i mean BARN , i mean AIR. Whatever, it happened in The Loft at Jack’s Barn. Can you tell rain poured after that shot? Hmmm.. They still called it a perfect weather because the ceremony and reception happened inside the barn and good call to do the photo session before the ceremony. Cheers!


Maree and DAvid

Countless miles and flying hours to get exactly they want for their wedding love story. We started our photo journey in Philippines with a warm weather in Batangas then next to San Francisco in a windy and bit chilly when the sun is about to set, then finally in Tagaytay a famous wedding destination in the Philippines where your get married on top fo the mountain.

Nice breeze surrounded with their very accommodating family and a VERY ACTIVE friends that has the ability to do “Full Gas” during the party. Unforgettable wedding day.

Shoutout to David! One of those guys who we can call a gentleman.

brenna and scott

Epic wedding indeed! This love birds stick to their promises for road to forever. Lady Liberty icon of New York City and one of the first witness in every wedding in Brooklyn Warehouse.

“ Sunglasses, Champagne and Celebrate”

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Victoria and daniel

Nice music and a party of bunch of closest family and friends is the best way to start a wedding day. The Park Chateau is one of the best choice of each couples to held their wedding. Royalty feeling? they can handle that. Amazing photos? We got you.

We can’t forget the amazing the forest of leaves and flowers theme they execute for their reception.

nia and alex

Choosing a place to stay means a lot for everyone. The busy working place of Wall Street, flip your map and it’s the Battery Park of NYC. They picked it not because they’re lazy to go in city traffic nor travel far for beauty but because they love are few steps away and they fell in love in the area. I can’t blame them. Green Spring and Majestic Fall season while surrounded by athletic people who run and jog by the Hudson River. “Good Vibes and Good Coffee”

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Jenna and john

Giggle, giggle and giggle. Jenna’s smile is sweet and charming. We found that one reason why John fell so much in love with her. Inside the huge circle of the Bronx Botanical Garden we maximize the chance to capture the beauty of the garden plus the amazing wedding that day. It’s Saturday so we expect nobody will think of work the following day. After the first kiss as husband and wife, everyone went inside to have delicious break of cocktail hour and in a minute, Voila! the reception is ready. Let me describe you the area. It was an open space under the tree surrounded by flowers and a free flowing river. It’s a well planned wedding.

Lauren and matthew

In a middle of summer days in Long Island, New York both couple decided to get ready in their own houses. In Matthew’s crib a huge tree will welcome you, inside was a very spacious place which i think is the best place to watch Super Bowl with the rest of the college, family and high-school friends. Lauren’s house is simple and relaxing. I love the light and shadow playing at the back part of the house. Clear glasses, varnished wood and the shadow of the huge tree are really matching the nature vibe of the place. Traffic might hold us back for a bit but who cares, we all made it on time in a most happily manner. Best day ever for all of us!

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LIOR and ELlie

Fast forward to the moment before the first look. Speaking with Ellie about their love story brings out our WOW reaction. He told us he completed his mission to serve his country before this wedding day happened. You can feel the excitement and joy thru his eyes and that what of a kind toothpaste commercial quality smile. He must be so happy at this moment we share a bit of his story, knowing he married the girl that she waited for and being next to her. Those flowers in each corner is Lior’s guide lines to the front of the isle, and mind those bridal party are amazing! They are energetic and lots of “Awwww” and “Oh Yeah!”

Hazel and paolo

17hrs of flight plus layover, lots of check in bags and a tiny chance of cancelled local flights might hold you back attending a destination wedding. Yes this is a destination wedding from NYC to Philippines. Everyone gathered, celebrated and showed lots of love for Hazel & Paolo. While sun is about to go down the whole party people are about to rise. Wait! We need to add that Hazel and Paolo’s squad (super friends and wonder family) are strong and lit. Feet covered in sand, jackets off and gown bustled; it’s the amazing time to dance under the sunset surrounded by coconut trees in a place called Boracay, an island in the Philippines known for powdery like sand and amazing sunset.